Environmentally Sound, Affordable, Fashionable

PRELOVED: Gently used and greatly cared for fashion items which are passed on for someone else to enjoy.
Let your fashions live on! Preloved items are great for you and great for the planet.

Why Preloved?

Recycling is good for you, your wallet, and the environment! It helps keep your closets and cupboards filled with the things you really love and use. It can turn a cluttered space into cash by recycling items you no longer need or use!

Selection is always Varied

The way we handle pre-loved items, our selection changes daily! This means that you will always find something you love, every time you come in!

Environmentally Concious

At Nouveau Vie, we are committed to our environment and our world. When you purchase a pre-loved garment or accessory you are helping the world step closer to being sustainable. The Earth benefits, you benefit and look great!